What do I do next?

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the previous sections and its probably a good time for break.

Hopefully you’ve found the guidance useful and you’re ready to start on the next stage – the business plan. To do this you’ll need to register to get the best out of the following courses and we hope you’ve been inspired to continue using this site.

Remember that 5 Ps (prior planning prevents poor performance) and so its worth taking a little time to get your thoughts straight and to discuss your ideas with friends, family and people you know to may be able to help you with your planning.

If you decide you’ve had enough or if you continue with this site please let us have any suggestions you have for improving this starting a business guide. Let Tommy know by email or comment and we’ll consider your inputs and add, amend or develop the site to improve the next users experience.


Good luck in your business plans and please keep using this site and consider listing your business on the Tommy Trader business directory.


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